Sleigh Bomb

Who doesn’t love holiday themed drinks?
Here’s a little special holiday boiler maker action that is our new family tradition.

-Shot glass
-Pint Glass (or mug, or any larger glass..)

-Beer of choice: Anchor Christmas Ale is great! Harpoon Winter Warmer works nicely.. or perferably a stout or porter
-Irish Whiskey
-Egg Nog, we like to use the premade boozed up kind

Fill half the shot glass with the whiskey, top it off with the nog. put to the side.
Poor half a glass of your BoC (beer of choice)

Get in an appropriate stance. Raise the shot glass and toast to something. Drop the shot glass of hootch into your glass of beer. Chug immediately.

Nothing says family like chugging down boiler makers at the dinner table!

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