Lake Placid Brewery

Place: Lake Placid Brewery
Lake Placid, NY

Occasion: Day trip during vacation

Atmosphere: Relaxed

Service: Friendly & Immediate

Bang for your buck: Inexpensive & Delicious

Today I decided to take a little sight seeing jaunt while vacationing in the Adirondacks. As I got a fair way north I thought it might be getting close to time to start heading back. I pulled out my trusty phone and looked at the map to see if there was a quicker way home. I noticed Lake Saranac was just as close as the cottage. What’s so good about Saranac? Beer!

I punched in “brewery” and nothing popped up for Saranac, but not much further was Lake Placid, former home of the Olympics and home of Lake Placid Brewery! Oh, the views are pretty spectacular too.

My selection was the seasonal Adirondack STrEAM Beer and the brisket dinner, which my server promptly noted was a “great choice.” I would soon find out that I could not agree more.

The Adirondack STrEAM Beer is brewed with lager yeasts at ale temperature and promises a clean, but complex flavor. I will attest to this. It has a nice crisp bitterness without being overpowering. While this beer isn’t heavy on the gullet, it provides a broad palette. Not sweet, but not overly dry. A fine compliment to BBQ fare.

The brisket was smoked to perfection then lathered in their signature sauce: produces with locally produced maple syrup and their flagship brew: Ubu Ale. (remember “Sit ubu, sit. Good dog.” Yeah. That Ubu.)

After dinner I ordered 2 growlers of the Adirondack STrEAM Beer and a growler of Ubu to enjoy later. A bit more expensive than a 6er, but fresh from the brewing keg!

Full marks all around.

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