JB’s Summer Tea

JB’s Summer Tea

3oz El Dorado 12 year old Rum
1 Table spoon agave*
1 tea spoon sugar
bunch o’ mint
splash o’ water
squirt o’ lime juice
(all approximate)

Tonight I felt like mixing up a cocktail before sitting down for the Home Run Derby. What better to watch the Derby then a Mint Julep? But wait! I don’t have any bourbon! What ever shall I do? Well, I’ve got this bottle of El Dorado. That’s got a lot of great character.

To my surprise this ended up having a very iced tea like flavor: a perfect summer treat!

Directions: Muddle mint with sugar. Add rum. Let it ruminate a bit. Add agave & lime. Fill glass with ice. Top with water or club. Shake it up. Stick a straw in it. Add a sprig of mint for garnish.

Drink it like you have nothing more important to do in the world than sit back and enjoying life.

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