Grilled Cheese Burger and Mixtapes

Earlier today @MixtapesOhio posted on twitter of a new sort of majesty I had never considered.

MixtapesOhio: I’m going to be on chicago soon, and I’m going to eat a burger with grilled cheese as the bun, FTW

JBMerry: @MixtapesOhio for the record, is that two grilled cheese sandwhiches with meat in the middle or like a grilled cheese with a meat center?

MixtapesOhio: @JBMerry two sandwiches!

JBMerry: @MixtapesOhio Is that even legal?

MixtapesOhio: @JBMerry I’m not sure!

JBMerry: Listening to @MixtapesOhio while I make a grilled cheese burger, because fuck yeah.

MixtapesOhio: @JBMerry pics!!!!

JBMerry: @MixtapesOhio I’ll have something better than pics up… shortly!

The background music is Mixtapes “Morning Sex & AM Radio”
Check out Mixtapes at

For my fellow glutards out there, Canyon Bakehouse’s San Juan 7 Grain makes a mighty fine grilled cheese.

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