Lexington Barbecue

Venue: Lexington Barbecue
Lexington, NC
Occassion: BBQ Roadtrip
Dish: Coarse Chopped BBQ Plate
Side: Pork Skin

Barbecue stop numero uno on the Barbecue Roadtrip did not fail to satisfy. Hailed for it’s vinegar based sauces, the crew was looking forward to our first taste of nationally celebrated Lexington style barbecue.

The menu is based on one thing, and one thing only: pork shoulder smoked with oak and hickory. The only options being chopped or coarse chopped on a plate, tray or large tray. After being smoked and chopped the pork is married with a very inconspicuous portion of the house “sweet and tangy” sauce.

As has been proposed by Eichtober, we will be rating barbecue by the hundreds of miles it’s worth driving to get there. Overall we’ll be putting 4500 miles on this adventure, but the rating will cap at 500 miles.

Coarse Chopped Barbecue: 425 miles. I really enjoyed the simple preparation. The taste was very straight forward and the pork itself was the feature. The smoke was present but not extreme, what flavor was added by seasoning and dressing was well in the background and served only to uplift the pork front and center. The texture of the pork was a good mix of crisp outside chunks and succulent inner portions of the shoulder.

Slaw: 450 miles. This was among my favorite slaws I have ever had. Sweet and tangy with all notes in harmony. It was a perfect marriage with the pork. On it’s own the slaw was a bit acidic to handle en masse, but as a component of the meal it soared.

Hush Puppies: 500 miles. I say this without being able to justify it in the least: best hush puppies in the country, maybe the world.

Pork Skin: 400 miles. Eichtober called them “pork rinds on steroids.” It is a basket of deep fried pork skin. Cripsy and not greasy despite their lineage. The dipping sauce was savory and slightly tangy and provided a medium to soften them up for the pallet. I certainly recommend giving them a try if you should make that journey.

Overall: 450 miles. The meal was well balanced, wait staff was friendly and quick with the refills. Food was served quickly and despite our crew we were in and out in 30 minutes flat. The hush puppies were the king of my plate, Citizen Sam, Karriee and Kevdog agreed, Eichtober was equally happy with his pork and slaw, Brosuf found his joy in the pork itself.

Lucero just came up on the magic music box and we are off to Nashville.

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  • Stephanie

    just stumbled unto your website. if you’re going for bbq, i lived in memphis for awhile last year. check out the bbq shop in midtown and (i know it’s not bbq, but it’s AMAZING) gus’s fried chicken on front st downtown

  • JB

    Thanks for commenting! We actually stopped at Corky’s in Memphis for lunch on the way to New Orleans. I have a bunch of reviews to write. While I was on the trip it was all about getting places and stuffing our faces.

  • That meal was so good, I would have High Fived the pig if it hadn’t been sitting on our table in a million little pieces.