Vivi Unique Cuisine – Seared Tuna

Location: Vivi Unique Cuisine
Diamond Bridge Rd & Lafayette Ave, Hawthorne, NJ

Occasion:  Lunch Break

Atmosphere: Relaxed

Service: Friendly & Immediate

Meal: Seared Tuna $12

Desert: Lemon Ice & Coffee

It’s not too often that you can order a daily special, find out they are short on a key ingredient and find yourself with a big smile.  Well folks, that’s what happened today.  I’m not even sure what kind of beans were supposed to come with this, but they asked if they could substitute corn.  Sure why not?

Should I ever order this dish again (I will), I will specifically request it with corn.  I don’t even care what the dish was originally intended to be, this is the dish it was SUPPOSED to be.  Perfectly prepared seared tuna steak, topped with corn, avocado and tomato.   I enjoyed every second of this meal.  The iced tea was adequate and with free refills.  My desert was a coffee along side a lemon ice they brought out at no charge.  The lemon ice was presented in a cordial glass.  Subtly sweet and the lemon stood out nicely.

If I was scoring the restaurant here and not the dish I’d hit the for being out of a key ingredient.  I’m not really sure what the right way to approach scoring this is.  Today I’m going to score the dish as it was served to me.

Verdict: Full marks.  The dish I was served was a 10/10 with out question.

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