Dinosaur BBQ

Location: Dinosaur BBQ
646 W 131st St
New York, NY

Occasion: post-13-mile-walk feast

Atmosphere: Ruff & Tumble

Service: Friendly & Slow

Starter: Pulled Pork Platter
Follow: Full Rack o’ Ribs
Beverage: Doc’s Pear Cider

My dear friend Lisa of LisaWalks.com fame asked if I’d like to join her for one of her training walks. Lisa runs all over the country, walking many miles in her effort to help fight cancer. The ultimate destination of our walk would be the legendary Dinosaur BBQ. Lisa and I set out and walked up from Battery Park along the Hudson with a lovely view of the New Jersey skyline. A few miles up we met with Jen who accompanied us the rest of the way (she was held up at the office).

While I started with a beer of insignificant origin, when we got the menus in noticed they had the local Doc’s Pear Cider on tap! Not only that, but a pitcher was only $19! So, yeah, I got me one of those. We were waiting for our dining company to arrive so we ordered some starters while we waited. I ordered the Pulled Pork Platter and couldn’t have been happier. All of the melty goodness you expect of a slow cooked pork shoulder.

Finally our dinner company arrived (they did not walk 13 miles, in fact, they drove from Brooklyn!). Being the consumer I am I opted for the full rack of ribs as my main course. I am sad to say these were not my favorite. A bit over done and dry, with parts of it a little rough to dig in to. The flavor wasn’t so bad and I made it most of the way through before leg cramps sent me to the sideline (I know, this sounds like a sad excuse).

I’ll give the overall experience an 8, the pulled pork a 9, ribs: 6, service 7.

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