Herr’s “Kansas City” Chips

Brand: Herr’s

Flavor: Kansas City
Prime Steak Flavor

Why?: On sale

Really.. Why?: DUDE! STEAK FLAVOR!

Occasion: Grocery Shopping

You know when you get that “orange” soda, or “watermelon” chewing gum and you think to yourself, “self, do you think the people that invented these flavors ever TASTED a watermelon in their ENTIRE LIFE?” I know I have.

Herr’s potato chips were on sale. I don’t normally keep snacks in my apartment, and generally things boldly labeled “artificial” don’t make it to my gullet. For some reason, last night, when I was grocery shopping, I was feeling a bit, I don’t know, snacky. So I said “What the hey. May as well give this a go.”

I got home, started putting away my groceries and said, “Self, you could use a little something to take the edge off before you cook dinner.” So I bused open the chips and stuffed a couple in my face. My immediate reaction: “Sweet Jupiter! These taste like a freakin steak!” Of course, my next step was obvious. beep*boop*bop*boop*beep*bop*beep… ring*ring*ring… DUDE THESE CHIPS TASTE LIKE A FREAKIN STEAK!

So there you have it folks, Herr’s Kansas City Prime Steak Flavor Chips: They taste like a freakin steak.

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