Pamela’s Dark Chocoloate Chunk Cookies

Brand: Pamela’s Products

Variety: Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Occasion: Tuesday Grocery Shopping

Count per Pack: 9
Cost per Pack: $3.56 (walmart)
Cost per Cookie: ~$0.40
Amazon Groceries: $15.31/case of six (~$0.28/cookie)

Allergy Friendliness: Gluten & Wheat Free, Non-Dairy

If you are glutarted like me you are probably used to getting cookies that are roughly the texture of desert sand. These are not that. These are anything but that. These.. these are the opposite of that.

Chewy, moist and drooling with chocolaty goodness, I barely managed to stop eating the last two cookies long enough to take a photo for this review. I’ve baked a lot of things from scratch and had some mild success. Generally baking mixes either taste like rice or overcompensate with sugar to be excessively sweet. These cookies over come every single hallmark of crappy gluten free baked goods and smack you in the face with a texture and a taste that would challenge any traditional cookie.

Bang for the buck: expectedly high compared to “normal” cookies, but cheaper or comparable to premium cookies. Also available in cases of 2-cookie packs.

Verdict: worth every penny for the wheat/gluten sensitive cookie and chocolate lover.

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