Sinus-Clearing Sausage Gravy

I make biscuits and gravy almost every other Sunday morning.. Usually adding a habanero or a jalapeno. If you do not like spice, lessen the amount of pepper so you will still get the flavor. I love those delicious peppers and they are versatile in many recipes, so have fun with it, too! And if your nose is clogged or sinuses are bothering you, this is the recipe for you. You may want a glass of milk to accompany your meal. Enjoy!

What you need:

1 lb of sausage of desired heat/fat (you will want some fat for the gravy, though) – we use hot or hot and zesty
2-2.5 cups milk
flour (at least a cup)
fresh pepper. for this recipe, habanero and jalapeno both work (habanero a little better for the sinus clearing, but if you don’t like the heat, go for jalapeno)
black pepper
sea salt
Biscuits (or make your own. I may post a recipe for those here later)

What you do:
dice the pepper (it usually only takes half of either if you’re using hot sausage)
put skillet on medium and cook both sausage and diced pepper together until sausage is almost cooked
do not drain
sprinkle some flour over the sausage and grease and continue cooking, sprinkling a little flour over it until the grease is slightly lessened
(also, adding a small amount of flour before adding your milk will save you the hassle of having flour tasting gravy or large chunks of flour)
add 1 cup milk and continue to stir until bubbling
sprinkle 1/4 cup flour over it while cooking
if the gravy starts to thicken already, add more milk, then more flour
continuously add black pepper and salt to taste
the rest is easy — keep adding milk, flour, pepper, salt, etc until to desired thickness and taste

if you’re making this with buiscuits.. homemade biscuits usually take 5-8 minutes to cook and store bought can take anywhere from 8-18 minutes. The gravy itself takes about 15 minutes from start to finish, so plan your time accordingly.


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