Braised Country Pork Ribs w/Sherry Apple Cream Reduction

Braised Country Pork Ribs with Sherry Apple Cream Reduction
Butternut Squash & Collard Greens
Hot Spiced Cider

Ribs: Pork, salt, tellicherry pepper, garlic
Braise ’em up.

Sauce: Sherry, Apple Cider, Whole Cloves, Rosemary, Cream, Xantham Gum
Deglaze pan with sherry
Add cloves, rosemary & cider
Stir it.
Reduce it.
Add cream & thickener (Xantham Gum)
Stir it.
Let it sit.
Pour it on.

Side: Butternut Squash & Collard Greens

Beverage: Hot Cider spiced with Cinnamon, Whole Cloves, Mercedes Apple Herbal Tea
Put it in a pot.
Heat it up.
Drink it.

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