French Toast w/Canyon Bakehouse Cinnamon Raisin Bread

The good folks at Canyon Bakehouse bake for us glu-tarted folk in the world an excellent lineup of gluten free breads. Today we will be cooking with their cinnamon raisin bread.

If you have been missing those long gone days of when you could enjoy a nice simple breakfast of french toast, those days are officially gone. Canyon Bakehouse’s cinnamon raisin bread is delicious enough on its own, toasted with butter, but it is also a secret weapon in the gluten free breakfast arsenal. We have here what amounts to “just add eggs” french toast, the bread will take care of the rest.

Today’s joe is served in a Equality Now mug. Equality Now defends the rights of women around the world, particularly in third world nations where women tend to have little or no rights. Visit their website today and show your support. As the good folks at EN say, “Take as stand. Make a difference.”

3 slices Canyon Bakehouse Cinnamon Raisin Bread
1 Egg (or egg like substance)
Egg worth of Milk (or milk like substance)
Butter (or butter like substance)

Whipped Cream
Chuck Ragan – Gold Country

How to make it:
Start spinning your record of choice. Today I chose Chuck Ragan’s Gold Country.
Crack an egg and dump them in a bowl or something*
Put in about an egg worth of milk.
Whisk it up.
Turn pan on medium heat.
Put our bread in it.
Wait a minute
Turn the bread over.
Wait a minute.
While your waiting slather some butter on your pan.
Put bread on buttered pan.
Wait a few minutes.
Flip the bread.
Flip the record.
Wait a few minutes.
Put it on a plate.
Make it pretty if you feel like it.
Eat it.

*PRO TIP: I usually use a pie pan when prepping french toast. It’s big and flat enough to make 3 or 4 pieces at a time depending on the size of the bread.

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