Project Darkfish: My Finest Game Ever Played

ComSquadLogoThis week I completed what will now be known as My Finest Game Ever Played, culminating in this video.

A couple months ago I saw “How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you” and immediately purchased it as an obvious belated birthday gift for Emily. Amazon included my note of “Happy Birthday” but somehow inadvertently labeled it as “from Emily.” Emily posted on her Facebook page that this must be from Future Emily.

I immediately started scratching notes onto an envelope for Project Darkfish. First I sought the aid of Wil Wheaton in announcing that a game was going to be afoot. I then enlisted the help of several brave agents from around the country to send her identically folded letters from Future Emily detailing the Feline Uprising, the impetus for sending the book. Super Storm Sandy tossed a wrench in my plans, but I think things worked out perfectly in the end.

I gave my agents simple instructions and minimal direction and they just knocked it out of the park with their performances. Emily’s roommates managed to trick her into recording a brief scene which was also quite effective!

Finally I lured her over with the promise of a nice dinner and holiday cheer. While I was getting things ready I fired up the video (the full version starts with a couple more songs so as to make it seem innocuous). Her reaction made every effort worth it.

Thank you everyone who helped make this happen and kept it a secret despite Emily’s thorough investigations.

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