SDM Purchased by Comcast

In an early morning ceremony bloggist “JB,” developer of Stuffed, Drunk and Merry, was presented a check from a group lead by Comcast. Brian Roberts, chairman, president and CEO of the Philadelphia based telecom giant spoke at the presentation, “With our recent acquisition of NBC, we were looking for our next logical move. There was no question in my mind when we dug through the logs of one of our newly acquired employees and discovered this site. The shear wealth of articles, nearly fifty two over two years, and of course the fascinating twitter feed that accompanies the site, @JBMerry, made a very attractive package.”

When asked why he sold the site JB first had to stop laughing. “They called me and asked what it’d take. I floated out what I thought was an impossible number and a giant check. They said yes.”

Media critics are no less astonished, “Is that guy even literate?” a Washington Post correspondent was quoted as saying. Even Angelina Joli chimed in, “There are children starving all over the world. I can’t adopt them all. Comcast gives this idiot $100k for something I wouldn’t wipe my ass with? This is ridiculous.”

JB plans to quit his day job and squander the money for as long as it lasts. “I figure I’ll try my hand at writing, you know? I haven’t really done it in a while. I think it will be fun, just like those Stieg Larson novels I listened to!”

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