The Lies of Locke Lamora

Title: The Lies of Locke Lamora
Series: The Gentleman Bastard
Author: Scott Lynch
Published: June 2006, Bantam

I love good fantasy. Good fantasy is exciting and magical and emotional and true. And, be assured, The Lies of Locke Lamora is goooood fantasy.

Lamora is also unusual fantasy because it’s essentially a caper yarn. It has more in common with Ocean’s 11 than Lord of the Rings. Magic, fantastical creatures and fights for Good and Evil exist in the world Scott Lynch created, but those things are secondary to important questions like “How do we get the money?” and “How do we get revenge?”

I recommend to anyone suffering with Good Fantasy Angst waiting for the next in the Song of Ice and Fire series or The Kingkiller Chronicles.
– Bryce W

While “The Lies of Locke Lamora” certainly takes place in a fantasy setting, complete with magic and alchemy, this is not fantasy for the sake of fantasy. This is not the tale of a hero’s quest, although there is some heroism to be found. This is the story of a master con artist, how he came to be so, and what happens when things start going sideways.

Scott Lynch treats us to a bit of the “present” and a bit of the “past” as chapters alternate between the latest scheme The Gentleman Bastards are attempting and the story of how the boys came to be the men in this tale. Both stories are linear, and the chapters are engaging enough that it doesn’t distract from the story, often lending insight into future scenes.

Bryce originally recommended this knowing my fondness for The Kingkiller Chronicles. The story jumps into the action a bit more quickly. It’s a compelling read, but for me the hook definitely came a bit later on in the story when things start getting a little more interesting for the Gentleman Bastards. It’s a fun, easy read with likable, believable characters. I would also recommend this series to any one who is a fan of the Lupin III franchise, while not quite as light-hearted, you may find the story similarly compelling.

The third volume of the series is do out October 8, but you can download The Republic of Thieves – Prologue now!

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