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Just a GeekI’ve been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation for three years. As in, I started with episode one three years ago and I still haven’t made it to the final episode. For as many things as I like about the show (Patrick Stewart, Data and Riker’s bizarre way of sitting in a chair) there’s a few things that utterly infuriate me. Things like: the lack of long term consequences when characters do stupid things, the logical conundrum that is the Prime Directive and, of course, Wesley Crusher.

Damn, that’s one annoying character. Puts Luke Skywalker to shame.


So why did I read an autobiography of the guy who plays Wesley Crusher? One, I got the book as part of a Humble Bundle, with a bunch of other science fiction stuff. Second, John Scalzi really seems to like Wil Wheaton, and that’s a pretty good endorsement in my book.

And you know what? Wil Wheaton seems like a pretty neat dude. And his book is less about the Life and Times of Wesley Fuckstick Crusher and more about one man’s journey to find satisfaction and integrity in a world that works hard to keep those things away from him. Wheaton talks about Art and what sacrifices Art deserves and when it should be set aside for the sake of Practicality. He talks about the struggle to let go of the past or at least reconcile yourself with the past. Oh. And Star Trek. There are a few mentions of that.

So I had fun reading this book and even found it touching at times. I think I’ll start following Wil Wheaton on twitter.

But it still doesn’t make me like Wesley any better.

[editor’s note: This is a great interview from Young Turks -JB]

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