Fool’s Quest: Book II of Fitz and the Fool

foolsquestTitle: Fool’s Quest
Series: Fitz and the Fool
Author: Robin Hobb
Publication Date: August 2015

This second edition of the later day adventures of FitzChivalry Farseer picks up right where the first volume leaves off. The novel spans the emotional gamut as Fitz tries to put together the pieces of the tragedy that mixed with his joy of discovering his dear friend the fool at the end of book one, only to discover that more than one tragedy befell this unfortunate son. The soaring highs and crushing lows make these 768 pages feel barely enough to contain them, while masterfully pulling us along and leaving us aching for the next installment.

As a novice to the greater canon, but having read the first of the Fitz and the Fool series, I continue to find these works exquisitely enjoyable. Enough is included of the old works to understand the world we are experiencing while not dwelling on extended stays in the ancient past. I expect those who have been with Fitz and company since the beginning may have a deeper understanding of some items, but certainly no deeper an enjoyment as this series continues to impress.

I highly recommend picking up with the Fitz and the Fool series to anyone who wants to find something several steps aside from the rest of the pack with a deep and rich world to experience. Full marks.

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