Heirs of Empire

Title: Heirs of Empire
Author: Evan Currie
Publication Date: September 22, 2015

Evan Currie paints a vivid portrait of a future far removed from our world. The 350 pages of this book may be scant compared to some popular epics, but not a page is wasted in constructing a vast and rich world. The world of “Heirs of Empire” at times can seem both deeply familiar, and staggeringly beyond into a high technology society beyond our understanding. There are hints both subtle and overt that the world is even deeper than the pages belie. Veterans of the genre may guess at hints of other worlds readers have adventured to, though the narrative and setting stand strongly on their own. Readers in search of strong women in a relatively gender balanced society while likely revel in protagonists Mira Delasol’s badassity. The dramatis personae may show a percentage of males, but magnitude women in the story bring the scales at least to balanced. The background makeup hints strongly at an essentially egalitarian society. I am very happy to have stumbled upon this book.

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