Escape Your Taxes Book Sale!

Here are some great titles by some great authors!

Bradley P. Beaulieu
To the Towers of Tulandan, a Lays of Anuskaya novella – FREE!
The Winds of Khalakovo (ebook) – $1.99
The Straits of Galahesh (ebook) – $2.99
The Flames of Shadam Khoreh (ebook) – $2.99
Also offering 25% off of the trade paperback and limited edition versions

Gwenda Bond
The Woken Gods (ebook) – $2.99

Jeff Carlson
Plague Year (ebook) – $1.99
Plague War (ebook) – $1.99
Plague Zone (ebook) – $1.99
Long Eyes (ebook) – $1.99

Matt Forbeck
Brave New World: Revolution (ebook) – $2.99
Hard Times in Dragon City (ebook) – $2.99
Dangerous Games: How to Play (ebook) – $2.99

Brian McClellan
Murder at the Kinnen Hotel, a Powder Mage novella (ebook) – FREE!
Ghosts of the Tristan Basin, a Powder Mage novella (ebook) – $1.99
Forsworn, a Powder Mage novella (ebook) – $1.99
Servant of the Crown, a Powder Mage Novella (ebook) – $1.99
The Powder Mage Novella Collection #1 (ebook) – $5.99

Michael J. Sullivan
The Death of Dulgath (ebook) – $2.99
Also offering 30% off the paperback, hardcover, and limited edition versions

Martha Wells
Wheel of the Infinite (ebook) – $1.99
City of Bones (ebook) – $1.99

Chuck Wendig
Blue Blazes (ebook) – $2.99
Hellsblood Bride (ebook) – $2.99

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