Serenity: Downtime

Title: Serenity: Downtime

Story: Zack Whedon

Art: Chris Samnee

Publisher: Dark Horse

Serenity: Downtime” is an 8 page comic based in The ‘Verse set before the events of Serenity.

I expect this was released as a teaser to the new “Shepherd’s Tale” comic which is also penned by Zack Whedon and inked by Chris Samnee. (which has shipped is currently in transit!)

It’s hard to write too much about an 8 page comic without blowing the plot, but I definitely suggest reading it while it’s still up. This short story speaks volumes for it’s 8 pages. It starts out as a slice of lifer, then Whedon brings the darkness, as well as the (implied) sex. All of the crew make an appearance, some more than others.

In addition to “Downtime,” Dark Horse, Toshiba and USA Today have teamed up to release a string of comics including “Mass Effect: Inquisition.” While it’s seems a bit difficult to discover these comics without following the @ToshibaTV or @USAToday twitter feeds, you should be able to find some comics of interest here, sifting through the “comic” tags on the USA Today.

EDIT 2010/11/10 USA Today sent me this on twitter “RT @USATODAY: @JBMerry – See our latest here: and more here:” The first is a link to Serenity: Downtime, the second is a link to their comics section. Still not specifically the “DHHD” stuff, but I commend and appreciate their effort in answering my question.

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