Iron Chic: Not Like This Iron Chic
Album: Not Like This
Release Date: September 2010
Label: Dead Broke Rekerds

Hometown: Long Island, NY

My brother tipped me off to these guys “Yo, I dig this band plus this is free**.” *click*

First of all, I dig the name. (If you don’t get it, the name is pronounced like “iron sheek” or “Iron Sheik.”)

This album is thick with chorus vocals and lilting guitar work blended with just the right mix of grit. There’s nothing here instrumentally that’s going to blow your mind, but that’s not to say it leaves something to be desired. The tracks have a very balanced and straight forward composition. While there is rarely a moment free from flowing guitar work, it never attacks you. Rather than vapid “look at me” “artistry,” it’s a stylistic companion that never begs attention.

It’s not the most polished 10 tracks you will ever hear in your life: we’ll call it “not over produced.” I won’t say that they are doing anything that’s all together unique, but they’ve assembled a sound that has a lot of the elements of indie and post-hardcore I love, yet it’s straight forward and honest. The album has a nice flow and an upbeat forward moving cadence that would make it a great companion to a road trip or a hike up town.

I hope these guys stick around and I look forward to seeing where they go from here.

** Just like a lot of independent releases on bandcamp, the album is not really “free,” it is offered as “name your price.” As always, I encourage you to toss a few bones their way, or buy the LP if you really like it. Making music isn’t free, and without the support of their fans bands, for the most part, simply can’t exist.

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