Dave Hause: Resolutions

Artist: Dave Hause

Album: Resolutions

Release Date: Feb 22, 2011
Preorder: Jan 24, 2011

Since I first heard these tracks a little over year ago I looked forward to this day. Dave Hause has a voice that should be the envy of the music world: powerful, clear and lyrical. The arrangements of the tracks set the time, the place and the mood and the lyrics fill the stage with players.

The album opens with the slowly building “Time Will Tell” taking us from rock bottom to pressing towards the future. The track sets the pace for the rest of the album and is followed with “Melanin” which carries the mood nicely.

Those of us who have had the great pleasure to see Hause in concert have been singing along to “C’mon Kid” since the second we heard it. A gentle, yet commanding anthem begging the down and out to kick themselves in ass and take on the world. It’s the class of the bunch by my reckoning, and worthy of being Hause’s signature track.

“Pray for Tuscon” and “Resolutions” carry us into half time like the curtains closing on the first act of a play. Act II opens with “Prague,” a somehow not out of place polka shanty to the plight of the working man.

“Heavy Heart” and “Years from Now” are appropriately titled and slow things down to a more somber note. “Rankers and Rotters” backs them surprising but not unwelcome rocker defying the world.

Closing it out “Meet Me at the Lanes” pays homage to Hause’s friends who helped him along the way, beckoning one and all to come out and take on the day.

While the lyrical content may not tell a specific story, “Resolutions” has a wonderfully smooth flow and the mood rolls with the tide and at the end I’m left with the satisfaction of having heard it’s tale. Every track is a strong and worthy to stand on it’s own while intertwining to weave together this elegantly composed album. The emotional thickness is carried throughout by Hause’s vocals while mellowed and encouraged on by the arrangements.

I give this album Full Marks. It has been worth the wait.

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