Hot Water Music “The Fire, The Steel, The Tread / Adds Up To Nothing”

Band: Hot Water Music
Track: “The Fire, The Steel, The Tread”

The wait is finally over. We will soon see the first studio release from Hot Water Music seven years, and the first track has been posted for our listening enjoyment. Announced via various social media outlets, “The Fire, The Steel, The Tread” was first made available on Huffington Post’s website this morning in a blog post by Mike Ragogna.

The second track was made available via “Adds Up to Nothing” facebook & youtube:

While there is no mistaking these tracks as Hot Water Music, they do bear some of the markers of the other projects the gents have been working on (The Draft, Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves, Chuck Ragan).

Frontman Chuck Ragan gives us some insight into this new track, “‘The Fire, The Steel, The Tread’ was inspired by the short film It’s Better In The Wind by Scott Toepher. After I had written it, I recorded a rough version of it, sent it to the boys so they can work in their ideas for the song, and we recorded it in bits and pieces – everyone adding their own personal stamp to the song. When put it together, it became the track you hear right now.”

“Since we recorded our first song together in years this way (in bits and pieces), there’s no telling the direction we’ll be heading in for the future, but we’re all extremely excited to see what’s down the road! But before we get into the studio, we’ll be heading out in August for a string of club gigs and big festival including Riot Fest East (Philadelphia, PA), The Fest (Gainesville, FL), Reading and Leeds Festivals (UK) where we’ll be playing both of the new songs from the 7″ as well as a solid mix of the oldies.”

In a Reybee press release the band talks about the experience of getting back together to record after their long hiatus:

“Timing. It’s always been a matter of timing,” says a re-energized vocalist/guitarist Chuck Ragan about what was the obstacle that stood in the way of HOT WATER MUSIC’s return to recording as a band. “We’ve wanted to get it together but have all been full steam ahead in our own directions that it’s taken this long to do it.”

“I think the most positive effect [of having that time off] is that after being away from writing together for so long, it feels very fresh and invigorating,” says bassist Jason Black. The songs were recorded in stages without all four members being in the same studio at the same time. “We’re still four moving parts in a moving world and have been sending ideas back and forth as well as recordings,” explains Chuck. “So it’s extremely exciting to us to see what we accomplish in the same room soon after seeing what we were able to do over the lines.”

The two songs will be released nationally through digital retailers on August 2, the pre-sale will begin on August 15 for vinyl 7″ copies and will be available from three separate outlets (No Idea Records, Chunksaah Records, and Hot Water Music’s webstore) – each outlet carrying different colored vinyl, bundled with a special edition t-shirt limited to just 1,000 copies. Standard 7″ copies will be available via retail on August 29.

Hot Water Music will also be recording a full length album due to be released in 2012.

Listen at soundcloud.
Sources: Reybee Huffington Post

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