Buffy/Angel Watching Guide Checklist

When I decided to rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, one episode per week, in order, it only served to confirm one thing: I’m a masochist. (ok, maybe two: nerd) Thankfully, my friends over at Buffyfest came to the rescue and informed me of their super duper Buffy/Angel episode watching guide.

Since I’m only watching one episode per week, I’m no where near watching Angel, so I don’t need the guide just yet. However, as I move along I started losing track of where I was when I was interrupted. I scrapped together an episode listing from the Buffy wikia so I could check off the first few seasons as I went along.

Then I had an idea. A game changer. Something that would forever change the world: “The Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel Watching Guide and Checklist.”

Now my big question is this: If I’m only allowing myself one episode per week, how do I handle that when I get to mixing Buffy & Angel? If the guide puts two Angel eps in a row do I watch two because I wouldn’t watch Buffy?

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