Vampire Cowboys “Six Rounds of Vengence”

sixposter[1]The latest from indie theater luminaries Qui Nguyen and Robert Ross Parker is about to hit the stage. The New Ohio Theater will host the Qui’s first new Vampire Cowboys production three years. The dynamic duo was honored last year as Indie Theater Hall of Fame – Persons of the Decade by ny theaternow.

In a post-apocalyptic “Lost Vegas”, an ex-lawman enlists the help of a young swordstress and her cursed strongman to help avenge the murder of his lover. However, the gang they’ll be going against has powers that go way beyond just gunpowder and steel. To get revenge, they may have to become just as blood-thirsty as the monsters they’re facing.

The show stars Sheldon Best, Jamie Dunn, Jon Hoche, Tom Myers and Nicky Schmidlein, and opens April 24th at the New Ohio Theatre. Get your tickets while they last!!

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