Radiance, The Passion of Marie Curie

10511683_735917069840366_7423779271915079156_oSwiftly Tilting Theatre Project, Inc. presents a drama by award-winning playwright and actor Alan Alda exploring the tempestuous discoveries of science & love.
Hitting the stage May 8-10 at Joria Productions 410 W 47th St, Manhattan

With backbreaking work in a ramshackle lab in Paris, Marie Curie and her husband Pierre achieve a revolutionary understanding of radiation and share a Nobel Prize. When her beloved Pierre dies in an accident, Marie is plunged into depression. Paul Langevin, fleeing an unhappy marriage, gives her the strength to return to her work. But the scandal over their affair threatens to end her career just when she might become the first person ever to receive a second Nobel Prize.

As a fan of science, stage, love, ladies, and especially Chris Cook, I am very much looking forward to this production.

Kristen Brody (Jeanne)
Chris Cook (Paul)
Adam R. Deremer (Emile)
Gary Kozak (Pierre)
Timothy Magidson (Terbougie/Tournbladh)
Alexandra Perlwitz (Marguerite)
Ewa Maria Wojcik (Marie)

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

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