Silver Ball Museum

Silver Ball Museum
Pinball Hall of Fame
Asbury Park Boardwalk
Asbury Park, NJ

Date of Visit: Aug 6, 2010

Entertainment: Antique Pinball & Arcade Machines

Cost: $10/hr, $15/day
All games free with admission

Food & Drink: General Concessions
Fountain Drinks

Atmosphere: casual & relaxed

Having stayed overnight at the Berkley following the Gaslight Anthem’s outdoor concert at the Stone Pony, we were crawling the board walk for grub and fun. We walked past the Silverball Museum a number of times and finally said, “hey, why don’t we take a look.” Unfortunately my phone was dead and I didn’t have my camera with me. Fortunately their website has plenty of photos you can look at.

We paid for one hour. You are issued a wrist band onto which is written the time your hour is up. We ran over our time by about 15 minutes, but nobody was chasing us out. The staff was very friendly. Some machines were undergoing maintenance and repair while we were there. The men working on the machines, presumably the owners, were busy but exchanged some friendly chatter. The hostess mentioned to us that if we wanted, we could bring in beer to drink while we played. We had actually just eaten lunch at the Langosta Lounge, so we did not partake of their dining options.

The website says they have 200 machines ranging mainly from the 1930s-1980s, which I would rank as accurate. Most of the machines I played were from the 50s-60s. There were a number of novel games other than pinball, and most of the machines were in excellent working order. I didn’t pay too much attention to the arcade cabinets, but I know they had Pac Man, Galaga, and Centipede.

For the casual, inexpensive, and unique experience I will rank it as a 10.

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