Citi Field

Citi Field
Roosevelt Ave
New York, NY 11368
(914) 633-2462
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Date Visited: April 29 Mets -vs- Marlins
Seat: Section 125 Field box; Front row just on the outfield side of the visitors dugout.

Transportation: We went in by car. 7 train, Long Island Railroad are all decent enough options. I will note that the 7 actually rarely runs express during rush hour so it will be packed. LIRR runs express trips but they are more expensive than the 7 especially if you have a monthly Metro Card.

The Good:
-The Jackie Robinson Rotunda is a gorgeous tribute to a great athlete and American hero.
-The concessions beyond the outfield wall were incredible. Each stand has it’s own paired brew crafted by the Brooklyn Brewery, and red and white wine.
-It’s a good looking place
-Stuff for the kids (and big kids) to do besides baseball

The Bad:
-Fewer seats than Shea Stadium
-Many seats are obstructed in some way. My $135(free) seat could not see the left field corner due to the left field seats jutting in. Outfield seats can’t see plays close to the wall because they are 18′ high. Support structures block the view of some fans.

The Ugly:
-The first time I saw the outfield wall I thought it was a San Francisco Giants game. Black and orange? Why couldn’t they just make it blue?
-18′ fences on the other side of the planet. I have no problem with a spacious ball park, in fact I like it. But one of the most exciting plays in the sport is to see an outfielder pull back a home run.
-Most if not all of the “charm” and “quirk” was planned out carefull.. but it still comes off as being completely arbitrary. The “styles” that they copied for many of these were from stadiums that are stuck in cramped cities and are forced to do odd things to fit the ball park or add more seating.
-Which brings on the next point.. 40,000 seats? That means that it’s mathematically impossible for the Mets to sell more tickets than last year. The Red Sox would kill for the 15,000 seats the Mets ditched when switching from Shea to Citi Field

The Trivial:
-Some people hate the fact that the field has a corporate sponsor. At least Citi Field sounds like a decent name for a team in New York City.
– I liked Shea Stadium better.

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