Web Series Brings Comfort to Young Fan

We don’t always get to feel like we affect the world in a positive way. The cast and crew of the five episode web series “I Hate Earth” got one of the nicest bits of fan mail you could imagine.

Robert Sawyer wrote to the I Hate Earth crew via Facebook. “A few weeks ago, our son Josh was admitted to our hospital to have a brain tumor at the back of his skull removed. His type of tumor was called medulloblastoma and it was the size of a plum. He was given an 84 per cent chance of survival. For the next four weeks, Josh has to have radiation therapy every day along with low dosage chemotherapy. To cheer his spirits up, we’ll go on YouTube to find funny videos. We came across the Diner of Doom video and he instantly started laughing. “Why does that skull guy have a squeaky voice?” Then, the actor playing the hero made so many funny facial expressions, he kept asking me to click back. He loved the punching flashback the most. Josh was bummed out that yesterday’s episode was the last one, but I just want to thank you for cheering up our teenage boy. He is getting stronger mentally. He has a year-long course of chemotherapy coming up soon, and I am maybe foolish for writing a stranger, but it isn’t until you experience something like this, that you value your son’s laugh, so thanks again.”

Created by and starring Kevin Conn, also starring Jon Hoche and Erica Swindell
with appearances by: Emily Edwards, Lucy Goldstein, Lauren Pennline, Andrew Krug and Douglas MacKrell

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