I Demanded It.

[18:27] JB: I may end up demanding this past season of Psych
[18:27] Citizen Sam: I DEMAND
[18:27] JB: I decided that’s the proper way to say that
[18:27] Citizen Sam: i love it
[18:27] Citizen Sam: I’m adopting it
[18:27] Citizen Sam: let’s spread that shit

worth noting: The price breakdown
Standard Def: Amazon: $30.24, iTunes: $27.99, Zune: 2,240 space bucks (about $29 based on exchange rate of $0.75 per microsoft point)
High Def: Amazon: $45.44, iTunes: $42.99, Zune: 3,440 space bucks (about $45)

My choice: Amazon SD.

Reason: I have a roku and it kicks ass.
Zune is second cheapest, but I’d have to buy more space bucks than I “need” making it more expensive.
iTunes is the cheapest, but I don’t have a apple device connected to my television. (unless you count my HTPC that can play all three, but who’s counting.. better not be you)

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