The Donald Stops by for Dinner

Untitled-1Last night I dreamed Donald Trump was at my folks’ place picking something up. We got in a heated discussion about jobs in which he was very condescending, but thought he was being magnanimous. He finally told me he’d try to get me a minimum wage job at a place he owned. He was stupefied when I told him I didn’t want the job and that I was the most intelligent person in the room until he looked down to see he was technically standing just outside the doorway. Then he looked like he was thinking really hard over whether or not he should feel insulted, because his ego was trying to convince him there was no way I could have included him in my declaration, and technically he was not actually in the room. Finally he decided on his obvious impunity and forgetting there had been an argument, an injury, or anyone else in the room, he nodded assuredly to himself, brushed his sleeve, and trotted off with the self-satisfied smile of a self-deified fool.

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