Special Voting Rules in New York & New Jersey

Many districts are providing transportation to voters, you may still be able to vote in person. If you were affected by Sandy and will find it difficult or impossible to vote in your assigned polling locations, States have set up temporary measures to allow your voice to be heard.

If you live in New Jersey and were displaced by Sandy you may:
– vote using a provisional ballot at any polling location in the state
– vote by mail
– – you may be considered as “over seas” allowing you to vote by email and fax per those provisions
– – vote by mail applications will be accepted through 5pm November 6
– – vote by mail deadline has been extended to November 19

Please see http://nj.gov/state/elections/election-directives.html for more information.
Vote by mail application is available here.

If you live in New York: “Section 8-302 of the Election Law is temporarily suspended and otherwise altered and modified so that a voter seeking to vote by affidavit ballot need not affirm that such voter is duly registered in the election district in which such voter seeks to cast an affidavit ballot if such voter is registered to vote within one of the federally declared counties or New York City.”
Please visit http://www.governor.ny.gov/executiveorder/62 for more details.

If you have any further questions regarding your rights and where you can vote, please ask your local municipality or county for more information.

Anybody who wants more information regarding the election can search for “vote” on Google and enter the address where you are registered to vote. The site also provides information about what candidates and issues are up for vote, along with links to their various social media.

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