Samsung Captivate – 2.2 Update

A brief walk through of my installation of the update and notes on the features I use as a crunched through them. I’m sure other features and bugs will become apparent in the coming days and weeks.

Staring at the glimmering “S” logo.

Drumming fingers on the desk….

There we go! Update successful.

Initial impression: Looks the damn same. Let’s unlock it shall we?

Lots of menus letting me know how to use my phone.

You will have to set up all of your screens, menu and widgets again.

Let’s dig in and see what’s actually going on here, shall we?

Home Interface:
Holding the hold button now shows both recent apps, and a button for the Task Manager
Drop menu offers turning off GPS & screen rotation
Drop menu vibrate button removed, clicking silent now puts it into vibrate

Settings Menu:
Colorful icons!
Voice Input & Output – text to speech and voice recognition settings
– Driving mode: Incoming calls and notifications read allowed
Wireless & Network:
– tethering! – you have to pay for it.
– Mobile AP! – you have to pay for it.

Maps & Navigation:
Turning off the GPS means that the GPS won’t automatically switch on when you open Maps/Navigation
Added “Use Sensors” to gps

New/Changed default Apps:
MobiTV – or was that there?
Car Home – Probably for the dock? – doesn’t seem to be actually useful or configurable
Desk Home – Probably for the dock? – horizontal clock, 5 button launch (alarm, daily briefing, music, voice search, gallery), “night mode,” mute button
– Does not seem configurable has a setting for the weather, but doesn’t display the weather.
Galaxy S Support – opens your browser
MediaHub – actually works now! – movies and tv shows for purchase
voice recorder – changed the icon for some reason
Task Manager – lets you see what’s running and let’s you see how much ram is being used

Samsung Widgets menu is gone.
Calendar Widget: Shows the date and upcoming events – displays 2×2.. non-configurable. – clicking opens calendar
Program Manager: 1×2 displays the number of active applications – clicking opens Task Manager

Music Player:
Ditched the stupid album browsing in horizontal THANK YOU (you can turn it on if you like)
Option to browse by folder

I can haz? – doesn’t seem work in firefox, does work in default browser.

I like the new interface a lot.
Buttons on the top for folder and account
Composing an email allows you to pick which account, and if you have multiple aliases on an account, it will let you pick which one to use.
Reading view has buttons at the top to star, reply and open a submenu (reply, reply all, forward), buttons at the bottom to archive, delete, read next and previous

Now actually shows your groups from gmail, click on the group->menu->send mail->check each contact to send to group (can’t enter group name in email compose)

Overall, update is aces for me. There are things I’d still like to see, but nothing seems to have been broken or taken out that I use.

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