Tshirts, videos, and design update!

I’ve been pretty busy with work lately (and maybe a little play), so I haven’t had a chance to write any articles lately, but I have made some changes to the site.

As you may have noticed, I updated the header area a couple weeks ago. I have a completely new template that I’ve worked on, but the header was the easiest thing to implement, so it got taken care of first. You can also now subscribe by rss or email via feedburner.

I’ve added some tshirt designs from days past and reorganized the shop. More tshirt designs will be posted as I get around to dusting off some old graphic work, or finish up some design ideas I’ve worked on.

I’ve also added a page featuring some of my favorite music videos of recent vintage.

I think that’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by, come back soon! I promise I’ll actually write a new article sooner than later!

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