Life isn’t Fair

[18:15] SamCaino: hayward:
[18:15] SamCaino: “BP cannot move on in the US with me as its leader… Life isn’t fair.
[18:15] SamCaino: awwww
[18:15] SamCaino: Life isn’t fair
[18:15] SamCaino: you want to know what’s not fair?
[18:16] SamCaino: the fact that this guy is getting a truckload of money backed in to his driveway to leave the CEO position
[18:17] JB: word up.

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  • JB

    A Corollary from Wil Wheaton:
    Tony Hayward whines, “Sometimes you step off the pavement and get hit by a bus.” Dear Tony: Yeah, you do that. Signed, The Gulf of Mexico