GoogleMaps Blamed as Nicaragua Invades Costa Rica

Costa Rica successfully defends against Nicaraguan advance

Sure some times google tells you to make a left through a building’s front door or off of a 100ft high over pass, but Nicaraguan forces recently occupied a disputed area of Costa Rica based on an inaccurately displayed border on Google Maps.

I can only assume those in power felt “It’s on the Internet, it MUST be true.”

Google Geo Policy Analyst Charlie Hail acknowledged, “there was indeed an error in the compilation of the source data, by up to 2.7 kilometers.”

However Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Samuel Santos would not be deterred. “I officially request that (the border marking) not be modified.”

An overview of the conflict will reveal that not only did Costa Rica trade in for eight troops, but they control both Africa and South Africa. Nicaragua has yet to take control of North America from the Australians. Also of note, The Green Eurasian Army is struggling to hold maintain it’s territories and is hoping when they cash in their cards next round they’ll be able to wipe out the nomadic White Army and invade Alaska from Kamchatka.

The White Army’s general added, “I’m basically screwed here, but if the Australians get the wipe here they’ll be primed for a double trade in. Then everyone will be screwed. I’m going to get a beer, can you roll for me?”

The Eurasian contingent was too busy playing with his iPad to comment.

[source: NPR]
[inadvertently contributed by map making extraordinaire @priscellie who’s pretty sure this article is non-canon]

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