Get Fit Like a Stripper

Sometimes you see stuff like this on late night TV. Rarely do you see a commercial every break during a 4pm Sunday afternoon movie. Flirty Girl Fitness purports to get you in shape dancing with popular club moves, music videos, even exotic dance moves. But from the promo video with such dance moves as “smackin’ that ass,” various chair related dance moves and pole dancing it’s pretty obvious where the main draw is.

Ladies, gents, maybe your love life could use a little kick. Being in shape can help arouse your mate. Dancing like a stripper could draw your estranged husband back from the girls at the gogo joint down the highway. Not only that, but with “Dance Like a Stripper” the extra sex you have will help shed some pounds too.

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  • Mon

    A lot of girls I know have been taking “pole dancing for fitness” classes. Props and costumes included.